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Medical check-ups

Posted by Dimitri on February 18, 2022

A lot of people just hate hospitals and associate them with illness. And when it comes to living abroad, in addition to this, there’s the big question hanging overhead: ‘Are the doctors professional?’

If you’re thinking of moving to Thailand, you should know that hospitals here have a good reputation; after all, over a million visitors a year come from abroad to make use of them. And we’re not talking about having food poisoning. These patients have deliberately traveled to Thailand to have procedures done that may be out of their budget at home, or they simply might want to combine an operation with a holiday.

If you’re not a medical tourist and aren’t sick, there are still great reasons for a visit to a local hospital here in Thailand. And the same goes for Koh Samui.

Having a health check-up every year is an important key to leading a happier, and healthier life.

On Koh Samui, all the hospitals on Samui offer a choice of health checks. You may need these for your insurance, or a job, or simply as an annual procedure.

Taking just one of the island’s hospitals as an example, Samui International Hospital is offering a choice of 3 health checks, all of which are at very reasonable price. The hospital takes the doctor-patient relationship very seriously and as part of the tests, the doctor assesses your risk factors and checks with you your past history, family history, diet and lifestyle.

There’s a basic program which includes an examination by the doctor, as well as a chest X-ray, urine analysis, and a complete blood count. The other 2 programs build on this and deal with liver function and cholesterol counts as well. For the 3rd program an electrocardiogram is given as well.

The results are mostly available after only an hour’s wait, as the hospital has its own lab. This makes it ideal for holidaymakers as well as residents. It’s also possible to have other tests done, either independently of the programs or in addition to them. These extra tests include for example HIV, tumor marker and a Pap smear. As these tests are analyzed in Bangkok, the waiting time is longer. Test results can be sent on by email, if necessary.

It’s also possible to have a personalized check-up designed by you and the doctor, in the case of special needs. “Whatever the case, these tests exist not just to identify present problems,” says a hospital spokesperson, “but also to prevent problems in the future. This is about preventative medicine, too, and having a test can make a lot of difference.” The hospital is located on the beach road in the north of Chaweng. There is also a full dental surgery that also offers oral examinations. For an appointment or for further information, phone: 0980135479.

As we’ve said all the hospitals offer health checks such as the ones above.

Should you need to visit an eye doctor for an eye test or to check cataracts, etc, or check your hearing, then Koh Samui Hospital (in Nathon) has specialists along with the appropriate equipment. Phone: 077 420 856.

Meanwhile, the island’s first MRI is to be found at Bangkok Samui Hospital. This hospital also has a cardiologist and other specialists. Phone: 077 429 500.

Living on Koh Samui, you are certainly covered when it comes to health checks of all kinds – there’s no need to wonder how you are going to get your next tests done.


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