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Retiring on Samui

Posted by Dimitri on January 30, 2022

There’s no doubt about it, Samui is a great place to retire.

Every year millions of people visit Thailand. These holidaymakers often return – simply because they love being here. Many are loath to go home once their holidays are finished and their dream is to retire in Thailand. Increasingly, people are realizing that this dream, which just a few decades ago, would have seemed impossible, is actually quite easy to do.

Take a walk through any of Koh Samui’s towns and you’ll see people who live here year-round or a set number of months per year. These are the ones who have succeeded in making their dream come true. Ask them and they’ll tell you that living or retiring in Thailand really is more within your grasp than you might think.

For a start, the cost of living here is probably much lower than it is in your country. In addition, you’ll be quite surprised that once you live here, it’s much cheaper than if you’re here on a holiday, as you won’t have hotel costs to factor into your budget.

You’ll find plenty of shops, supermarkets and recently opened a large mall. The vast majority of your shopping needs will easily met on the island, though for some rarer articles you may have to go further afield. More shops these days are offering larger, European sizes in clothing, and as for the foods you love from back home, you’ll find them right here, thanks to the island’s suppliers. Prices, however, will probably be more expensive, due to the products having been shipped from afar.

The infrastructure is steadily improving in every area and attracts a growing number of people who decide to retire on Samui or spend sizeable amounts of the year here.

Health facilities center around the 5 hospitals that serve the island. They accept most foreign insurances and can provide a plethora of services as well as health check-ups. The island sees many medical tourists year-round who place their trust in Samui’s medical services. If one or other of the island’s hospitals can’t deal with your case, then Bangkok will be able to help; as with any capital city, all the major hospitals are located here.

Samui’s climate is tropical and temperatures here can be hot. However, because it’s an island, there are plenty of cooling breezes and most of the time the heat is very bearable, especially when contrasted with other parts of Thailand. You will still definitely need a fan or air-conditioning when indoors.

As you know, it can be a paperwork nightmare to emigrate to many countries in the world – and let’s face it, some just aren’t going to let people in. Thailand, however, whilst still bureaucratic, welcomes its visitors from all over the world. As long as you fulfill some basic requirements, your paperwork can be put together fairly easily and you can spend the rest of your life here. Thousands of people are doing this already – and are living on visas of one kind or another. Some work but many are completely retired. It’s common to hear those people say that their lives on Samui are far happier and more fulfilling than they were back in their old country and that, yes, they’ll be staying.

If you have any concerns about retiring on Koh Samui, we’ll be happy to discuss with you and will be able to answer your questions, or in complicated cases, we will know experts who can.

We work with lawyers who can give you legal advice as well as undertake any legalization steps that you may need to perform.

Our expertise, of course, lies in the domain of properties, and we can help you find a home here that you will fall in love with. We offer homes for purchase and for rent. We can work within your budget.

Contact us if you would like more information.

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