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Spas on Koh Samui – a journey into relaxation

Posted by Dimitri on juin 25, 2021

A lot of people who move to Koh Samui fall in love with the island’s spas at first glance, others wait to take that first look but few remain unmoved by the delights of massage, pampering and all the wonderful treatments that await. For many, going to a spa becomes a new and delicious part of their new lifestyle.

At first glance it’s striking how many spas there are on Koh Samui. We’re lucky living here, spoiled by a breathtaking variety of massage options.

You can spend a day in an opulent spa, surrounded by luxury and undergoing once-a-year treats or simply opt for a beachside massage in a simple wooden pavilion. Then there’s everything in between. For 200 Baht, enjoy an hour of being kneaded by an expert masseuse in a hut and at the other extreme, 8,000 Baht for an entire day at a spa designed by an award-winning architect.

What unites so many different places and experiences? In one word: relaxation! Wherever you go – and there are over a thousand different places on the island offering massages – you can be sure that you’ll leave feeling relaxed. And when we’re talking of relaxation, we don’t simply mean the way you feel after an hour on a sun-lounger with a good book. This is something you feel in both your body and your mind.

Your muscles will feel tension-free with the habitual aches gone and replaced by a sense of bliss. And your mind will feel as if it’s been cleaned out; worries will be diminished, and all that overthinking will slow down. An exaggeration? Definitely not – the existence of so many spas and massage places demonstrate that this works and works well.

How does it all work in practice?

Most spas you can simply walk into and request their services. If they’re very popular, you may need to book first. The next step is to choose the treatment that you’d most like. Spa staff can help you – most will speak enough English to describe the various services.

All spas offer massage. And always a lot more than that. You can get wraps and scrubs, enjoy steam rooms, pools and hot tubs, and then there are beauty treatments which may include facials or manicure or pedicure.

You can opt for a single treatment but a lot of spas are defined by the amazing packages they’ve put together. Try them and you’ll be delighted. A lot of love and thought have gone into them, allowing you to enjoy a good few hours of bliss. A typical package might consist of a steam room session, a wrap, followed by a Thai massage and then time to unwind over tea.

Don’t forget to tell your masseuse whether you’d like a strong massage or a gentle one. And maybe you have various sensitive parts of your body or weak points – again, simply let your needs be known. And then you can just lie back and relax.

Thai spas and massages are definitely popular with reason. Thai massage is a part of the culture that’s deeply respected and dates back to time immemorial. Thais grow up alongside massage. Even getting a haircut, your hairdresser will as often or not knead your shoulders after washing your hair.

You may not even be thinking of spas when you decide to come and live in Thailand, but you’ll fall under their heady influence when you begin to spend any serious time here – too good to miss out on, they will leave you feeling on top of the world again and again.


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